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Final Fantasy Ⅶ Cloud Cosplay Costume! 35% OFF Now!

Come to find it at our FF page:

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Cool Halloween Makeup! Amazing!

Cool Halloween Makeup! Amazing!

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I want this family to adopt me…


I want this family to adopt me…

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kittensandseifukus asked: i was going to oder the cream cat dress and it looked so pretty but i was really dispoatined when i found out it would not look a thing like the stock photo and also the price is very high and it makes me upset i wanted to get this dress and i read about how poor qaulity these things are.


Hello dear,

Thank you for your message. I can understand your worry. Indeed some of our products had some problems in the past time, but we try our best to solve the problems. You can look at this blog:

This is one of our customer’s blog, and that catsuit is from us. Now we have many catsuit around $25, and we also have our Halloween Sale on our site:

If you are interested in this, you can have a look.

Hope this is helpful, have a nice day~

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Milanoo Zombie Takeover, Join Us This Halloween! →

Here at the Milanoo office Jack is working late. Like all Milanoo employees he is hard at work making this year’s Halloween sale the best ever. However, all this work is making him a little sleepy, and he can’t help but take a short nap.

A little while later Jack is awoken by a strange noise. Half asleep, he slowly turns his head to see what the commotion is. To his utter disbelief stumbling towards him are the walking dead, the infected, a Halloween nightmare …… ZOMBIES!!!

Before he can scream in terror the zombies have attacked, savagely ripping him apart, leaving him collapsed in his chair as they continue their takeover of the Milanoo office!

Is this all in Jack’s head? Is he dreaming?……. Or are the Milanoo Zombies coming for you???

Become a Milanoo Halloween Zombie here, along with other great Halloween costumes:

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